Birthday Happens.. Or what happens on your birthday!

So, it starts atleast a week before the actual birthday. The excitement of the day when everyone treats you nicely, even abuses are sprinkled with bittersweet flattery and people trying to be all for you, deserves the week of importance. It’s like you suddenly start seeing the brighter side of everything. Reaching late, working less, sleeping more than the ‘stipulated’ 8 hours and so on, all seems ok. You even try to make others around you to notice that it’s your birthday week and so they be all nice and excited enough to overlook all that you don’t do right in that week. Basically, you want to be a lazy dog relaxing at the poolside.

Now, cut to the immediate previous day before your birthday. You go about the daily chores and boring routine for almost the entire day until one of your close friends starts with “What do you want to do to bring in your birthday?” on the Whatsapp group of those close friends. Then starts a wave of messages to make plans which certainly creates the buzz but also puts some decision making pressure on the man of the moment. If you don’t handle the situation tactfully, you’ll end up with a crappy plan, failed birthday buzz and friends who’ll call you a 50 year old bored oldie for atleast a month. So you decide to go with the flow and make a perfect plan without realising the beauty of the plan’s perfection (It was a great outing with super people).

The plan’s set, friends have been informed, you’re hungry (ofcourse) and you go all stud-mode to look for the last bought new shirt in your wardrobe. The shirt’s not ironed. Hunger takes a backseat now. You realise that the shirt being in that condition is just a metaphor of all the things lying unattended in the past week of being the lazy dog at the poolside. Whatever it is, being in stud-mode makes you want to the make the best of available options and you end up with a decent looking, several occasions old shirt and you again start focussing on hunger. Hunger pangs are quintessentially the state of living in the present. Deep thought.

You meet friends, go to the restaurant, find a table immediately, order food, have fun and it’s all great. And there’s even more excitement when your people start the reverse countdown..30 minutes to go..15 minutes to go.. Then, at the stroke of the midnight hour, when the world sleeps, you wake up to the new year of your life (Sounds like Mr. Nehru’s birthday.. :P). And without fail, Mom’s the first caller. Has to be. She’s the messenger who delivered the message which the world reads (Haha.. I know it sounds like BBM Human Version!). I was a tick mark with a ‘D’ and now I’m a tick mark with an ‘R’. Haha. Okay, break over. So, now you attend calls of friends, old friends, new friends, friends of friends and so on. Then there are Whatsapps and SMSs and all. You don’t want to reply with just a thank you in one buck costing sms, so you even talk a little more and catch up with long lost buddies. On Whatsapp, you’ll even share this note..cos it’s free. So, ya you chill and have a good time. In all this bustle, to literally count your blessings, you always want more and more people to wish you. But, being an introvert, you aren’t exactly comfortable with the sudden flood of calls. When a call drops or is missed, at first you feel, “Wow!” And this keeps flashing in your mind - “Introversion - expert level unlocked!” But then, deep thinking mode is activated and you correlate increasing years with decreasing number of well wishers. You want to bring about a change in your attitude and more so in making yourself a better social animal.

In this backdrop of ‘quality’ thoughts, you go home expecting everyone to be fast asleep, cos you aren’t exactly entering at a good time (2.30 a.m.). But, life as we know it, is full of surprises. Just when you go to change, your family appears with a cake for you. It is such a wonderful gesture because they’re indefinitely waiting without asking you to come back early or anything. You immediately realise that, there are friends and family who like the way you are and probably like the introvert-expert level too. The ‘quality’ thoughts don’t hold much ground now. This is the beauty of speed of thought, that you go from introspective thinking to being grateful for everything and everyone you have, in no time.

All in all, the birthday is brought in with much happiness and you are always surrounded by great people who’ll do everything to make it a special day for you. So go all ‘Game of Thrones’ and declare - “Brace yourselves, birthday is coming!”

Thank you family and friends for a wonderful birthday.